Apple Watch Review: Not Living Up To Expectations?

Ghost Written Post

My obsession with time pieces, especially the digital kind, started when I was just a bespectacled, nerdy little kid back in school. I currently own a first-gen Apple Watch – I was one of the first, lucky few to get my hands on this smartwatch which will one day become a part of digital history. No doubt, I love my Watch, but my first love will always be my Casio Databank calculator watch. Sure, you couldn’t make calls with it or use it to count your steps, but hey, it was as smart as watches got back then! Pardon me, I’m digressing J What I wanted to talk about in this post is really about the Watch – I wanted to make sure that I had used the Apple Watch long enough before I penned-down my take on it. After having it attached to my wrist for a little over 3 months, I think I’m finally ready. So here it goes (my Apple Watch Review!)…

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