Worried About Cloud Security? You Should Be!

A survey conducted by KPMG reveals that 45% of the of top IT executives cited data loss and data privacy concerns as the primary reason for why they are still apprehensive of migrating to the cloud. Cloud Security has been one of the top concerns for Enterprises and SMEs alike and for good reason too – there have been quite a few instances in the recent past which demonstrates that despite the MSP’s (Managed Service Provider’s) best efforts, there is always a possibility of confidential data being compromised or lost. The infamous ‘Heartbleed’ attack, the Microsoft Azure outage and Anthem, Inc.’s data breach, are just a few such incidents that caught the public eye. In fact, 2014 was the year of data leaks, with the list of victims also including illustrious names like Target, Neiman Marcus, Sony, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase.


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