Satyamev Jayate: A Runaway Hit On Social Media

Two episodes and two social causes down and Satyamev Jayate (SMJ) still continues to create ripples on Indian television.  SMJ has also seen unparalleled success, in terms of the buzz that it has managed to create on social media. Even the handful of shows that did manage to capture the audience’s fancy in recent times, like Bigg Boss, The Dewarists and Bade Ache Lagate Hai, have failed to generate the kind of frenzy that SMJ has managed to, in the last week or so. The show has also received critical acclaim from socialists and the film industry alike. From the initial trends, SMJ is all set to change the face of Indian television. But will it really bring about a social impact, is something we will have to wait and watch. Continue reading

Interactive Brands: Turning Over A New Leaf

Alan bought a brand new home theater from a leading consumer electronics manufacturer. He shares a picture of his new buy with his friends on Twitter, mentioning the manufacturer’s official Twitter handle in his tweet. The manufacturer returns Alan’s favor by gifting him a $250 gift coupon for his next buy. Pooja ‘Likes’ her favorite shoe brand’s official Facebook page. She enters herself into a caption contest run on the page and she wins herself a new pair of shoes. Many more like Alan and Pooja, are reaping the benefits of interacting with their favorite brands online. Continue reading

Content is King

Humans are a species that converse using words that are bound together in sentences, paragraphs and stories. We love the play of words. We love reading. We love to know. And we search for information all the time. This realization is what paid-off for two Stanford University guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who went on to become the founders of Google. Though search engines were not a new concept altogether, an algorithm based on Page Rank was a path breaking discovery of sorts. There were others before them of course, but they weren’t nearly as close as Google. Google’s algorithm decided the relevancy of the multitude of content on the internet, based on the volume and frequency of keywords, the amount of backlinks and indexed results etc. Continue reading

Facebook’s Timeline + Other Changes = Social Media 2.0

Much has been spoken about Facebook’s new UI changes in the past couple of weeks. Some are excited about the changes and then there are some who have been openly protesting against it and asking that Facebook rolls back the changes. Irrespective of which side you’re on, you must hand it to Zuckerberg and his crew for taking such a bold decision to overhaul what has been Facebook’s signature UI for seven years.

f8 Developer Conference Continue reading

Blogging Styles: What is yours?

Let me begin by saying that I’m no expert on this topic but these are just my observations from all the blogs that I’ve read in the past. Neither am I a very good writer myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have things to say. Not everybody gets an opportunity to go on television, radio or even for that matter write an article in the papers about their thoughts and their views on subjects that they’re really passionate about. That, I guess is what makes blogs even more special. It’s not just about thought leadership or preaching, blogs provide you with a platform where you can actually talk about what’s on your mind. Continue reading

A social media revolution: Uprising of a million people

The world has been looking closely at the Arab world, especially in the past couple of weeks, and for a change, this time it’s got nothing to do with the US! The land of the Pharaohs is witnessing, what can be described as the biggest and most determined mass uprising of the 21st century. And to think, that this revolution was kindled by the generation next of Egypt, through the new age digital medium, more specifically the social media. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: B2B Vs B2C

The whole world is going gaga over Social Media these days, and the rationale for that is the augmented awareness about its potential. Individuals have begun to perceive it as a tool (in contrast to their earlier view, that social media was a great way to rid off boredom), to help develop their careers, also as a great way to reach out to larger groups of people, either enabling them to garner more support for their cause or plainly put, grab more eyeballs.  Businesses world over have reacted in a somewhat similar way, they have finally woken up to find themselves in a new era of digital marketing. Now, they’re going wild with their strategies to unearth the hidden treasures from the coffers of this new prodigy, which has grown in mammoth proportions over the last few years. I’m sure individuals would’ve gained from this, but how has enterprises fared using this medium? Continue reading