My Entry Into Zomato’s TVC Script Contest

Zomato had conducted a contest inviting scripts for their new series of TVCs featuring their brand ambassadors Rocky and Mayur. I happened to hear about this contest by chance and I thought why not give it a shot. I was pretty confident about my contest entry at first, but about a week after I send in my script, I realized how amateurish it was! However, since I put in the effort, I didn’t want it to go to waste and hence publishing it here. Oh by the way, the contest ended in April and Zomato has announced that they have not picked any winners 🙂 Continue reading

Who’s Paying Anyway? – Tips On Splitting The Bill

A bunch of friends go out to dinner to a classy restaurant, and they order wine, appetizers, a main course and some dessert. All throughout dinner there’s sounds of laughter and glasses clinking. They’re all engaged in zealous conversation and there are smiles on everyone’s faces. At the end of dinner, the waiter comes bearing the check and suddenly there’s an awkward silence. Quite hesitantly, the person seated closest to the waiter takes the check glancing at his friends across the table. Continue reading

Sales wears the pants, Marketing wears the apron: A Myth

The age-old debate of Sales vs. Marketing has found its way into every product/service based company at some point or the other. Organizations have experimented with a multitude of strategic approaches to resolve this internal conflict. Unfortunately, it’s the ‘issue’ that has almost always emerged as the winner. Clearly, the issue/conflict arises out of the lack of well-defined roles.

It’s a common perception within many organizations that while sales, quintessentially wears the pants in the family, marketing is a stay-at-home wife cleaning-up after the men of the house. Let’s face it; irrespective of how much we’ve matured as a society, we still live in a patriarchal one. A society, where men are expected to be the bread winners and women, are expected to take care of the house and do chores. This regressive trend handed down to us by our forefathers, has made us domineering.  Hence, we often don’t play well in teams and always feel the need to go one-up on another. Consider the examples of few societies which have moved beyond this tendency and you’ll notice how they have fared well in other walks of life too. Apply that thought to how the sales and marketing machineries within organizations work and voila!  More often than not, the constant bickering between the sales force and marketers, on who’s more important is what hurts the company’s performance. Continue reading

3 Concepts + 3 Guys = Trip Of A Lifetime

STA Travel Australia sent 3 guys – Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White, backpacking on an incredible trip around the world. The brief was simple, get footage for 3 concepts – Eat, Learn and Move. The trip lasted for 44 days, spanned 11 countries and covered a distance of about 38,000 miles. The guys changed 18 flights, escaped one erupting volcano and came back with almost a terabyte of footage. It goes without saying that this must’ve been one helluva a trip and a lifetime of memories! Continue reading

Airtel’s New Friendship Mantra: Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

As I waited in line at a bank today, patiently awaiting my turn, out of nowhere there was an eruption of a loud sound and then music filled the air. This startled everyone including me, and as we all turned to look at the source from where the sound had originated, I noticed a teenager struggling to get his phone out from his pant pocket. People at banks always seem to be irate and these groups of people were no different. They continued staring at the boy until he finally managed to yank the phone out of his pocket and put it on silent mode. Continue reading

Dear Airtel, I’m Breaking Up With You

How much ignorance is bliss? Well, at least for the folks at Airtel, there seems to be no bounds to their ignorance towards customers like you and me.  Or else, how do you explain their callous attitude and thousands (could be even millions) of disgruntled customers? In today’s day and age where everyone’s harping about better customer service and are going out of their way to entice the masses to consume their product/service, what makes Airtel believe that they can continue to provide a shoddy service and be oblivious to their customer’s plight? I’m not going to pretend that I’ll be able to answer these questions for you but I’ll try and show how Airtel could be the most despised, corrupt and scandalous network in the country. Before I delve into all of that, let me first share the ‘shit hit the roof’ moment for me, which eventually compelled me to write this post. Continue reading

Don’t make a hasty decision when it comes to making career choices

(originally posted on November 16, 2009 to Facebook)

This way or that way??

How does one decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives? That too, at an age where they are just getting used to being treated like an adult. Often these decisions are influenced by parents & peers which might not always be the right suggestion for the person in concern. A lot of today’s youth struggle to keep their performance levels at work at par due to the lack of work satisfaction. Some even aimlessly switch jobs hoping to find something that they really like doing. This is a global phenomenon which all of us at some point or the other have faced. Continue reading

Reality Bites

(originally posted on November 16, 2009 to Facebook)
Reality TV in India has grown ever so big in the past few years. Us Indians, have the habit of making the most out of everything, then, how could we let this emerging concept called ‘Reality TV’ let be. Let me quote a few examples here to illustrate my point; we make sure that we don’t throw away a tube of tooth paste until we squeeze the last drop out of it; we refrigerate the leftover curry, heat it & have it a few days later even if it tastes like masala added to ice; we over-eat at a wedding reception to make up for the Rs.100 that we invested in buying a wedding gift; we would rather buy 3 pairs of unbranded socks at discounted rates than spend money on 1 pair of branded socks. Continue reading

All in the family: Editors of ‘The Hindu’ at war

N. RAVI, Editor of ‘The Hindu, breaks his silence on the recent happenings within the group. He claims that the paper pocketed a full-page Ad from the telecom ministry, to write positively about former telecom head, A.Raja. This comes after reports of numerous pink slips recently, experts comment that Ram is bent on taking as many editors as possible, into retirement with him. Continue reading