The Gift Of Life

He stared into the horizon, his feet tightly gripping the wet sand, as he stood there feeling the water caress his feet. He loved to bask in the warmth of the morning sun while there was still a cold breeze in the air. Strolling down the beach at dawn had become an everyday ritual for him. It helped him drown away all his grief and sorrow.

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Together, Come What May

Sunaina was beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and all of eighteen years. She stood outside the gates of the Hindu College, brimming with confidence, a smile on her face. Her dream of getting admitted into one of the most prestigious colleges affiliated to the DU (Delhi University) is what had kept her going these past few years. Sunaina had her career all planned out, she knew she had to graduate in B.Com (Hons), do her MBA from one the IIMs and then go work for a multinational corporation like Google or Facebook. Today, she knew she was one step closer to accomplishing that dream. Continue reading