IPL Season 4: That’s a wrap Ladies and Gentlemen

IPL season 4 has finally come to a close after 10 teams, 74 matches and 51 days. Phew! Seemed like a never-ending Ekta Kapoor saans-bahu saga. Imagine what it would’ve felt like if BCCI had gone through with their earlier plan of having 94 matches; I might not have survived it, I had already started having IPL nightmares! Continue reading


A billion golden faces: Memoir from the Cricket World Cup 2011

The first thing I saw today morning as I went to get some milk was a bunch of toddlers running around with little flags in their hands. The remnants of fire-crackers had littered the streets like a confetti blast had gone off. I then looked at the faces of all the people, going about doing whatever they would, on any regular day. I noticed a blissful expression on everybody’s face, old and young alike; it was the effect of the morning after! Continue reading

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: Clash of the Titans

So, the Cricket World Cup (CWC) is around the corner, and this time it’s being staged in the Indian sub-continent.   Continue reading

IPL to be ‘MODI’fied?

In my last post, I was talking about how the IPL has grown into one of the biggest sporting events in the globe over a matter of few years. Little did I know, that just a day later, that there would be such an unpredictable twist in the tale. Continue reading

IPL: The Economics Behind The Scenes

IPL season 3 has been the biggest and the most eventful season yet. We’re almost nearing the fag end of this season and the exhilaration has just risen to an all new level. The best part is that now, all the critics who claimed that the IPL would just be just another cricket tournament, have been silenced. Continue reading

Sachin: Deserving of a Bharat Ratna?

The little master is in the news again, though this time around, not for his feats on the field. One of the media networks has launched a campaign, asking the government to confer the ‘Indian Superman’ (as described by Ravi Shastri) with a Bharat Ratna for his remarkable contribution to Indian sport. Continue reading