Delhi Women Unsafe; Government Playing It Safe?

Incidents of rape and molestation seem to be cropping-up every other day, akin to news of uproar in the parliament houses. However, the former is a far serious matter of concern. We all realize this and we’re all deeply troubled, concerned and alarmed. But I bet there are a few people out there who would be telling themselves that such atrocities will never happen to them or their loved ones. Well, think again. Do you think the victims of such heinous acts of crime, even in their wildest imaginations, would’ve ever thought that their fates would be written this way? I don’t think so.

There are numerous propositions that have come forth from various quarters, on measures to curb/eradicate instances of sexual assault. I’ve heard a few of these suggestions on the news and I agree with most of the ideas that are being put forward. However, to me it seems like most of these suggestions are post-incident measures. Trauma centers and counseling for rape victims, constant patrolling by the cops, prompt and stricter punishment for the perpetrators, fast-track courts, self-defense classes and tweaks in the law against sexual offenders etc. are all well and good. But to my mind, these are all irrelevant. Because when I put myself in the shoes of the victims and their families, I can imagine how they must feel. I’d feel the same way if something of this sort were to happen to my loved ones. I’d feel crushed and exasperated. I’d curse my misfortune. I’d feel helpless. But for the victim, life may never be the same; in fact it won’t be. Society will make sure that the victims are forced to relive the horrific tragedy from their past, every day, for the rest of their lives. Continue reading

7 Tips to Deciphering Women and What They Want

Women. God’s most exquisite creation. She’s a mystery that has remained unsolved since the beginning of time. Neither were our forefathers able to decipher the code nor are we any close to doing it (I mean cracking the code). One would think living in a woman’s womb for nine months would make us genetically programmed to understand a woman. Obviously, that’s not how it works.

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Altruism: Real or Make-believe

I’ve had this topic plaguing my mind all of last week. Hence I decided to talk about it on my blog.  I’ll start by sharing my thoughts on this topic and then you share yours, deal? Okay, good.

It all began when a colleague from work started talking to me about his altruistic deeds. He gushed about how he plays with the kids at a local orphanage and how he visits the elderly at an old age home, at least once a month. He went on to share how his eyes well-up with tears and his heart  fills-up with joy, when he manages to put a smile on the faces of these orphans and waifs. All this while, I was listening to him in admiration, but then something he said made me stop and ponder.  He spoke about how he believed no act of kindness would go unnoticed. I thought to myself, here’s a man who has his heart in the right place, but if his act of kindness is compelled by his intent of receiving something in return, does the act still qualify as a good deed? Continue reading

The British Returned, Left The Men Behind

I woke up this morning to the news of a 17-year old girl’s murder in Kaithal, Haryana. She was killed by her own father for refusing to stay married to the 55-year old groom her family had found for her. This disconcerting news came just a day after the story of a pimping father in Kerala had splashed across the national media.  Needless to say that these are horrendous acts of crime against women, what is even more disconcerting is the victims’ families had a role to play in most of the recent crimes that came to the fore. Continue reading