Top 6 Reasons Why Hadoop Will Be the Toast of 2015

Hadoop 2015

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What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a Java-based open-source framework, which uses a distributed storage and distributed processing approach to break-down large data sets. Hadoop distributes the large blocks of data to nodes in a computer cluster, which then processes data in parallel, using Jar files sent to them byMapReduce, the programming/processing model used in Hadoop.

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Apple Watch: A New Chapter in the Wearable Technology Paradigm

Apple Watch 2015

Like all the other flagship Apple devices in the past, by virtue of association with the Apple brand name and thanks to the entourage of innumerable loyal fan-bois & fan-gals, sales projections indicate that the Apple Watch will surpass its competitors – in terms of units sold, before the end of the next fiscal year. And this despite other wearable device manufacturers having had a head-start – in terms of time to market; to be fair though, the Apple Watch has had over 7 months to marinate in the minds of technology-enthusiasts around the world.

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How Big Data Agility Will Help Solve the Sales Conundrum

The volume of user-generated data that is churned out through digital platforms has grown exponentially over the years. Internet Live Stats shows that Google receives over 47,000 search queries, 8,400+ tweets gets posted on Twitter and 1,664 photos get uploaded to Instagram, every second of the day; and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! Data is ubiquitous – it is present in diverse forms. The challenge is to rein in these large blocks of unstructured data, deconstruct it, and finally piece together useful information that helps form meaningful insights. Continue reading

5 Tips To Make Cloud Computing Work For You In 2015

Cloud Computing 2015

If emerging technology researches are anything to go by, it is evident that Cloud Computing is going to be the cornerstone of a Digitally Transformed business in 2015. A report from KPMG suggests that 42% CXOs use Cloud to improve workforce productivity and 37% use it to improve customer and alliance partner interactions. What we can deduce from these stats is that, the CIO’s objective behind embracing the Cloud is two-fold…

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