How To Modernize Healthcare And Make It Affordable Using Digital

Most healthcare institutions have adopted the third wave of IT, which has allowed them to digitize their enterprise – including channels, processes and care-coordination initiatives. Having said that, most of them are still struggling to address patients’ challenges like burgeoning costs, inadequate access to healthcare services, and poor care quality. On the one hand you have digital-savvy customers who demand access to cutting-edge solutions and services, and on the other, you have patients who cannot afford even the most basic healthcare services. The task is cut out for healthcare institutions – providers have to modernize and refresh their IT infrastructure, and at the same time, ensure that they leverage digital technologies to make healthcare affordable to all.

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The Really Tough Digital Transformation Crossword Puzzle!

We’ve been talking about Digital Transformation and emphasizing about the criticality of implementing/deploying solutions, in order for Enterprises to remain relevant in a digital future. But first, it is important for CXOs to familiarize themselves with certain terms pertaining to disruptive technologies that are floating around. So here is a quick crossword puzzle to help you ascertain how well you know digital. If you have read our earlier posts, you should find this puzzle fairly easy!

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Top 6 Reasons Why Hadoop Will Be the Toast of 2015

Hadoop 2015

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What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a Java-based open-source framework, which uses a distributed storage and distributed processing approach to break-down large data sets. Hadoop distributes the large blocks of data to nodes in a computer cluster, which then processes data in parallel, using Jar files sent to them byMapReduce, the programming/processing model used in Hadoop.

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Jonah Uses Retail Analytics to Save the Day for His Employer!

Retail Analytics

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Jonah sat at his workstation, gazing blankly at his computer screen. He had just come out of a meeting with Paula, the CIO at the Riverdale retail company, where Jonah worked as a Technology Consultant. The meeting hadn’t gone too well – Paula was not pleased with the fact that the management was laying the blame for last quarter’s dismal performance squarely on her department. Sales and marketing had identified obsolete legacy IT infrastructure to be the primary cause as to why they were not able to maximize the ROI on their investments. Continue reading

How Big Data Agility Will Help Solve the Sales Conundrum

The volume of user-generated data that is churned out through digital platforms has grown exponentially over the years. Internet Live Stats shows that Google receives over 47,000 search queries, 8,400+ tweets gets posted on Twitter and 1,664 photos get uploaded to Instagram, every second of the day; and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! Data is ubiquitous – it is present in diverse forms. The challenge is to rein in these large blocks of unstructured data, deconstruct it, and finally piece together useful information that helps form meaningful insights. Continue reading

What Does Social Media Hold In Store For You and Me?

So here we are, already halfway through the year. How time flies! And I know what you’re wondering to yourself right now – How can anybody have anything to talk about social media that hasn’t already been said before? My sentiments exactly. But don’t fret; I’m not going to make an attempt to preach to the choir. Let’s leave that to the Mashables of the world 😛 What I wanted to talk about in this post however, is about where social media is headed and what it holds in store for you and me.

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