Mobile Payments And Digital Wallets: Traversing Uncharted Territory

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We have surely come a long way from those good old days when we carried around wallets the size of a giant hamster. I could barely ever get mine to fit into my back pocket. It had everything that I’d ever need and mostly junk I’d never use – some cash, coins, my personal calendar, bus tickets, movie tickets from a year ago, scraps of paper with names and numbers of people I’d never meet again, business cards, gift coupons and even lottery tickets. In short, I was a George Costanza. But honestly, I just liked the idea of carrying around a wallet; it made me feel like a grown man.

Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets

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Native Commerce: The Next Big Thing in Social Commerce

eCommerce has grown exponentially over the years. New eCommerce brands are sprouting in every nook and corner around the globe, while the established ones continue to fortify their hold on existing markets and forage into newer economies. The prime reason for this is that consumers now have higher disposable incomes – “have money, will spend.” In such a lucrative market scenario, how could technology and internet giants be left behind? Google, Twitter, Apple and Facebook, to name a few, are players looking to sink their teeth into the eCommerce pie. These companies are partnering with and in some cases even acquiring firms, which will enable them to provide users with a one-stop shopping/payment experience.

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