IPL to be ‘MODI’fied?

Modi’s crooked smirk got wiped off as soon as the nation was done taking Tharoor’s pants. The government all said and done wasn’t going to sit around hand in hand when one of its own had been hurt. It hit back at the opposition by bringing the Reddy brothers issue in Karnataka to the fore, it also played-up Modi’s alleged ties with the BJP.

IPL: The Economics Behind The Scenes

Season 4 is only going to be bigger with introduction of 2 new franchises, Cochin and Pune. Who would have thought that, after all the shock and jaw-dropping that we saw in the first season when Mumbai bought their franchise for a staggering 112.9 million USD, that it was just an appetizer. I actually thought these guys were kidding when I read in the papers that the base price itself for the two new teams this year was 225 million USD. Like everybody else, I was speechless as well when I heard that the Cochin and Pune sides were bought for a whopping sum of 333.3 million USD and 370 333.3 million USD respectively. The older franchises can’t stop grinning because the values of their teams have shot up as well. Lalit Modi, Chairman of the IPL, says that no new teams would be added to the existing ten at least for the next five years. “But you never know!” he adds.