Apple Watch: A New Chapter in the Wearable Technology Paradigm

Apple Watch 2015

Like all the other flagship Apple devices in the past, by virtue of association with the Apple brand name and thanks to the entourage of innumerable loyal fan-bois & fan-gals, sales projections indicate that the Apple Watch will surpass its competitors – in terms of units sold, before the end of the next fiscal year. And this despite other wearable device manufacturers having had a head-start – in terms of time to market; to be fair though, the Apple Watch has had over 7 months to marinate in the minds of technology-enthusiasts around the world.

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Native Commerce: The Next Big Thing in Social Commerce

eCommerce has grown exponentially over the years. New eCommerce brands are sprouting in every nook and corner around the globe, while the established ones continue to fortify their hold on existing markets and forage into newer economies. The prime reason for this is that consumers now have higher disposable incomes – “have money, will spend.” In such a lucrative market scenario, how could technology and internet giants be left behind? Google, Twitter, Apple and Facebook, to name a few, are players looking to sink their teeth into the eCommerce pie. These companies are partnering with and in some cases even acquiring firms, which will enable them to provide users with a one-stop shopping/payment experience.

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