[Interview]: We’re Closing In On The #1 Player In Online Ordering In India – Mukund Kulashekaran, Zomato

Zomato, the India-based global restaurant search and discovery service, has been on an acquisition spree lately, in a bid to help the brand foray into new markets, and offer a comprehensive suite of restaurant services including discovery, online ordering, delivery, table reservations and payments, to its customers. We got talking with Zomato’s India Business Head for Online Ordering, Mukund Kulashekaran, who tells us why the brand decided to enter the online ordering space and also reveals the company’s plans to enter into new markets, and launch new services. Continue reading

Brewed, Frothed And Served: The Starbucks Mobile Strategy

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In my last post, I talked about how mobile payments and digital wallets are fast capturing the imagination of consumers worldwide. While researching for that post, I stumbled upon quite a few references to Starbucks and their innovative mobile strategies, which led me to read-up on how Starbucks became a digital leader. And that’s how I got around to writing this post, where I’ve highlighted some of the innovative consumer-driven digital initiatives from the Starbucks mobile strategy.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO Quote

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How Are M2M Applications Driving The Smart Cars Agenda?

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I confess, I’m a petrolhead – I love my cars and I can never seem to get enough of being behind the wheels! I jump like a 5year-old when someone mentions a road-trip. I bought my first car at the age of 22 and my most recent set of wheels is my eighth car. And if you’re anything like me, you’d agree that a car is more than a means of getting from point A to point B; especially for us urban-dwellers, who spend a considerable portion of our day inside our cars – waiting in traffic, taking the family out, taking calls (I use a Bluetooth speaker, I promise), grabbing a quick bite and sometimes even getting dressed because we’re running late for work. In other words, it’s our second home.

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The Really Tough Digital Transformation Crossword Puzzle!

We’ve been talking about Digital Transformation and emphasizing about the criticality of implementing/deploying solutions, in order for Enterprises to remain relevant in a digital future. But first, it is important for CXOs to familiarize themselves with certain terms pertaining to disruptive technologies that are floating around. So here is a quick crossword puzzle to help you ascertain how well you know digital. If you have read our earlier posts, you should find this puzzle fairly easy!

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Enterprise Mobility 2.0 – The Top 5 Priorities

Mobility has been on an accelerated growth trajectory since the dawn of the new millennium and it continues to grow at a pace that is unprecedented. Hence, it comes as no surprise that mobile plays a big part today, in providing enterprises with business critical data that is both, insightful and actionable. On the other hand, the success mantra behind any digitally transformed enterprise is that they don’t stop experimenting; they’re constantly eager to explore new avenues within the digital ecosystem. Add to that, enterprises now realize that Mobility is not just about embracing mobile; it is about embracing the mobile ecosystem, which comprises of cloud, analytics and wearable amongst other things – the 3rd Platform, as IDC dubs it. This is why we believe that we are at the crossroads of what could possibly be the rise of Enterprise Mobility 2.0.

Enterprise Mobility

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