Sales wears the pants, Marketing wears the apron: A Myth

The age-old debate of Sales vs. Marketing has found its way into every product/service based company at some point or the other. Organizations have experimented with a multitude of strategic approaches to resolve this internal conflict. Unfortunately, it’s the ‘issue’ that has almost always emerged as the winner. Clearly, the issue/conflict arises out of the lack of well-defined roles.

It’s a common perception within many organizations that while sales, quintessentially wears the pants in the family, marketing is a stay-at-home wife cleaning-up after the men of the house. Let’s face it; irrespective of how much we’ve matured as a society, we still live in a patriarchal one. A society, where men are expected to be the bread winners and women, are expected to take care of the house and do chores. This regressive trend handed down to us by our forefathers, has made us domineering.  Hence, we often don’t play well in teams and always feel the need to go one-up on another. Consider the examples of few societies which have moved beyond this tendency and you’ll notice how they have fared well in other walks of life too. Apply that thought to how the sales and marketing machineries within organizations work and voila!  More often than not, the constant bickering between the sales force and marketers, on who’s more important is what hurts the company’s performance.