5 Tips To Make Cloud Computing Work For You In 2015

Cloud Computing 2015

If emerging technology researches are anything to go by, it is evident that Cloud Computing is going to be the cornerstone of a Digitally Transformed business in 2015. A report from KPMG suggests that 42% CXOs use Cloud to improve workforce productivity and 37% use it to improve customer and alliance partner interactions. What we can deduce from these stats is that, the CIO’s objective behind embracing the Cloud is two-fold…

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7 Tips to Deciphering Women and What They Want

Women. God’s most exquisite creation. She’s a mystery that has remained unsolved since the beginning of time. Neither were our forefathers able to decipher the code nor are we any close to doing it (I mean cracking the code). One would think living in a woman’s womb for nine months would make us genetically programmed to understand a woman. Obviously, that’s not how it works.

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