IPL Season 4: That’s a wrap Ladies and Gentlemen

IPL season 4 has finally come to a close after 10 teams, 74 matches and 51 days. Phew! Seemed like a never-ending Ekta Kapoor saans-bahu saga. Imagine what it would’ve felt like if BCCI had gone through with their earlier plan of having 94 matches; I might not have survived it, I had already started having IPL nightmares! Continue reading

A billion golden faces: Memoir from the Cricket World Cup 2011

The first thing I saw today morning as I went to get some milk was a bunch of toddlers running around with little flags in their hands. The remnants of fire-crackers had littered the streets like a confetti blast had gone off. I then looked at the faces of all the people, going about doing whatever they would, on any regular day. I noticed a blissful expression on everybody’s face, old and young alike; it was the effect of the morning after! Continue reading