My Entry Into Zomato’s TVC Script Contest

Zomato had conducted a contest inviting scripts for their new series of TVCs featuring their brand ambassadors Rocky and Mayur. I happened to hear about this contest by chance and I thought why not give it a shot. I was pretty confident about my contest entry at first, but about a week after I send in my script, I realized how amateurish it was! However, since I put in the effort, I didn’t want it to go to waste and hence publishing it here. Oh by the way, the contest ended in April and Zomato has announced that they have not picked any winners 🙂

The brief was to create 3 scripts which had a common theme running through them. Zomato wanted the scripts to communicate that their website is the one-stop shop for foodies to discover food and restaurants. They also wanted the scripts to convey that Zomato was ‘Made In India’. They did change the ‘Bold Print’ quite a few times; luckily I visited their website again to see the changes made to the contest rules. Here’s the link to the contest page – click here.

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